Mother's Day 2012

While of course a special shout has to go out to my own Mother, who's running away to a landslide in 'Grandma of the Year' voting and my own Grandma McMillan who's being all gracious about possibly losing her crown of 'Grandma of the Year' after a 40+ year reign this Mother's day is all about my darling Lisa who's out and about with her Mom this afternoon.

My best friend of nearly 20 years, lover and business partner of 16 years, wife of going on 12 years and, most importantly, the best Mom a kid could ever hope to have for the last 19 months. Through thick and thin, crazy schemes, crises and, most importantly, a whole lot of really incredible times, Lisa's been at my side and occasionally poking me with a sharp stick so long that I can't remember life without her in it.

Happy Mother's Day, my sweet. Next year, Trajan will cook breakfast!