Spring is Sprung!

As always, the last weeks of 'winter' on the coast can test the sanity of even the hardiest of souls. It's not that the weather is particularly bad, I put my winter jacket away before we'd even seen the last of January but, the grey can get you down. We've had a few little teasing encounters with blue skies and sunshine to be sure but, not enough to fully emerge from one's cocoon. Updates have been sparse, grey and dark in tone for the most part.

No more though! Spring has, indeed sprung now. Colour abounds, my feet hit the ground with enthusiasm at 6:00 AM and productivity kicks into overdrive. Even managed to sneak out for an hour yesterday to wander through the neighbourhood and take some pictures to prove that spring is indeed here!

The dark season was a productive one though, all sorts of exciting stuff that I'll be sharing soon. My availability for commissioned shoots will be greatly enhanced soon and, there'll be a lot more prints available in the store. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time go gather Trajan up and go for a bike ride in the park.